Re: Uml left showstopper bugs for 2.6.14

From: Jeff Dike
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 18:20:29 EST

On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 09:18:20PM +0200, Blaisorblade wrote:
> 1) problems with UBD (i.e. _the_ uml block driver): this is pretty dangerous
> and untrivial to fix, even if the code exists - so I and Jeff agreed to revert
> the change altogether. Jeff will send the thing.

My current plan is to revert the ubd-aio patch. I need to look at this and
run some testing on it.

> 3) SKAS0 is broken on amd64 hosts, when frame pointers are disabled. Jeff has
> the fix, waiting end of testing.

This has been sent to Linus.

> 5) Compile-time regression with SKAS mode disabled, will fix later (I'm going
> to have dinner now).

I looked at the patch and requested the sender forward it to Linus, with my
approval. If he doesn't in the next day or so, then I'll send it in myself.

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