32 bit (socket layer) ioctl emulation for 64 bit kernels- Question regarding...

From: spereira
Date: Sun Oct 09 2005 - 23:22:13 EST

I am trying to implement 32 bit userland support for existing x25
socket layer ioctls in a x86_64 kernel for use in a project for a

It used to be possible to extend the contents of the
ioctl32_hash_table(fs/compat.c) for ioctl commands and associated
handlers (= 64 bit converstion functions) by calling the
register_ioctl32_conversion() function.
However this function has now been scheduled for removal. The
suggested replacement seems to be available only for inode structures
created for "actual" file systems, where the i_fop points to
operations for "real" files. When using "socket type" inodes
i_fop(inode/fs.h) points to operations for sockets which does not
provide a hook like compat_ioctl for handling such conversions.

Is there currently an alternative to register_ioctl32_conversion that
would help achive 32 bit ioctl emulation at the socket layer?
Any suggestions/advice whould be much appreciated.
Many Thanks
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