some peculiar problem debugging in gdb aswell as ald gdb doesnt stop on instruction or stops in the middle of instruction

From: nix noob
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 03:49:58 EST

to all concerned
iam a noob and i had some peculiar problem
during debugging of an assembly coded binary

for referance you can visit and glance through this
thread in fasm board

and googling around and ircing a bit led me to this
post in your mailing list

i actually wanted to reply to that thread so that the
questions is continous
but i cant find out how i can reply to that thread

i see linux torvalds himself has replied to that
thread though i dont understand much of those
i sense it is a performance (speed issue)
but i see the behaviour in gdb due to this
is kinda nasty (sigsegvs the binary and executes an
instruction from the middle :(

hope some one could provide some insightas to how
i could still force a break on the test eax,eax
and also survive without being sigsegved ??

i give the kernel version of mine atm
uname -r

thanks and regards


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