Re: 3Ware 9500S-12 RAID controller -- poor performance

From: subbie subbie
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 05:43:51 EST


I now dumped RAID5 and am running all of my 12 disks
separately each partitioned with XFS.

I did a very crude test of reading a single 1GB file
from each of my disks in parallel by putting 12 dd
processes into the background. Each file was read at
approximately 35MB/s giving an aggragate of a little
over 400MB/s. According to 3Ware support, 400MB/s is
the "theoretical maximum" of this controller. I'm
very happy with these results.

I want to run a killer test where 400 files are being
read in parallel to see what the combined throughput
would be. Can anyone recommend a benchmark utility
that would help me do so? I tried using bonnie/iozone
but they (to my limited understanding) won't do this.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you

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