Re: [PATCH 1/3] Gujin linux.kgz boot format

Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 14:44:26 EST

Etienne Lorrain wrote:
It seems to work okay here. Now, rewriting current boot system into C
may be good goal...

At least that is a way which does not involve modifying assembler
files. Slowly everybody switches to the C version which continue
to evolve (i.e. removing old BIOS calls), then the tree under
arch/i386/boot is removed and we can begin to rearrange the mapping
of "struct linux_param".

Will your C version work with lilo and grub?

Tricky question. In short no, it cannot.

[snip a long explaination of why this is practically impossible]

Sorry I cannot be compatible with them, please note that
Gujin is also GPL.

So you are saying: "Dump GRUB and lilo, use Gujin!" ??

I don't think anybody will agree with that even if it is a better way in some way.
Until some level of compatibility is guaranteed with the currently de facto loaders, at least I cannot support this idea in any way. Discussing that with GRUB and lilo devs, might be an idea, but who knows.


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