Re: Latency data - 2.6.14-rc3-rt13

From: Mark Knecht
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 22:47:07 EST

On 10/10/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ( softirq-timer/0-3 |#0): new 3997 us maximum-latency critical section.

So the root cause of this 4mS delay is the 250Hz timer. If I change
the system to use the 1Khz timer then the time in this section drops,
as expected, to 1mS.

( softirq-timer/0-3 |#0): new 998 us maximum-latency critical section.
=> started at timestamp 121040020: <acpi_processor_idle+0x20/0x379>
=> ended at timestamp 121041019: <thread_return+0xb5/0x11a>

So, thinking very interesting here I think.

Back to the drawing board as to my xruns.

- Mark
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