2.6.12 and gcore

From: Le Lain, Olivier
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 08:21:59 EST


First, sorry if it's not the right place but after having googling for days, I didn't succed in finding some infos.

Since the kernel 2.6.12 (at least every 2.6.12 from Fedora Core 3) , I'm unable to generate useful core dumps with gcore.
I always have the following messages :

warning: The current VSYSCALL page code requires an existing execuitable.
Use "add-symbol-file-from-memory" to load the VSYSCALL page by hand

Then ,indeed, there no more symbols included in my core files, which makes them useless.

Is this a security issue ? (selinux is disabled) , a gdb one ? (gdb hasn't been updated since quite a long time )
Does someone know if there's an issue for that (a lot of my admin scripts rely on gcore so this is really annoying)
I havn't this problem with 2.6.11 kernels but 2.6.12 solved a lot of other bugs so I'd rather use it.


Cordialement / Cheers.


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