Regarding - unresolved symbol

From: vinay hegde
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 09:00:14 EST

I am developing a device driver module related to the
real time clock on Linux 2.4 kernel. [This is done
with regard to changing one of the existing timer chip
on the system.] For some reason, I am getting into an
unresolved symbol.

I am following sequence of code in the module (not
necessarily in the sequential manner though).

extern void *sys_call_table[];
static int (*timer_mknod)(const char *, ... );
timer_mknod = sys_call_table[__NR_mknod];

Whenever I try to insert the module into the kernel, I
get the following error:
timer.o: unresolved symbol sys_call_table

All the necessary headers are present and I am able to
see the symbol 'sys_call_table' in I do
not see any error in this regard. Can somebody help me
in pointing out the flaw?

[I am able to fix this problem by simply using the
'sys_mknod()' call in my module, but I really would
like to know why the above piece of code can not

Thank you,
Vinay Hegde

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