Re: [PATCH 1/3] Gujin linux.kgz boot format

From: Etienne Lorrain
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 10:23:54 EST

Vda wrote:
>> This linux-*.kgz format is the "native" format of the Gujin
>> bootloader which can be found here:
> /me looking at the site
> Wow. Isn't this overdesigned by wide margin?

Well, you will see Gujin with its video/mouse interface on the WEB,
because there is no point in just showing the tiny interface which
does not even detect which video mode (or serial interface) is
available. For that just imagine two line of text, the first being
the copyright, the second a set of point indicating the progress
being done loading from BIOS or from DOS.

Now if you want to tell me that it is a lot easier to write code
using GCC compared to an assembler, well I quite agree. The source
code size is approx the same as Grub, with a lot less files.
It is also a lot simpler to use the BIOS than to rewrite everything
to be able to switch to protected mode.

> Apart from shaving a few kb's from kernel image (which are discarded
> anyway after boot, IIRC), what advantages does this bring?
> Do they outweigh effort needed to maintain it?

Don't you think autodetection of the ways to boot a PC is a nice
feature, so that you just have _one_ rescue CDROM/floppy/pen drive
from now on? Also you just test a new Linux distribution without
changing your current bootloader configuration? At least, you do
not end up having 3 or 4 Grub and two LILO configured in 6 different
root filesystems, some of them on removeable HD...

Moreover, there is no need to provide boot floppies to install
distributions on PC which cannot boot CDROMs, just give a way
to make a Gujin floppy. It will load big kernel directly from
the CDROM ISO9660 filesystem, in /boot directory.


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