Re: using segmentation in the kernel

From: Brian Gerst
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 15:35:46 EST

Jonathan M. McCune wrote:

We're starting work on a project for the 32-bit x86 Linux kernel that
involves using segmentation in the kernel. As a first effort, we'd
like to adjust the kernel code and data segment descriptors so that
the kernel code, and data segment, bss, heap and stack exist in linear
address range between 3GB and 4 GB. How could we implment this so that
it breaks the memory management subsystem the least (or not at all if
we are lucky ;-))?

Why send the kernel back to the 2.0 days? There is no valid reason for doing this with they way x86 segmentation works, which is why it was done away with in 2.1.

Brian Gerst
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