Re: i386 nmi_watchdog: Merge check_nmi_watchdog fixes from x86_64

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 20:27:00 EST

ebiederm@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:
> The per cpu nmi watchdog timer is based on an event counter.
> idle cpus don't generate events so the NMI watchdog doesn't fire
> and the test to see if the watchdog is working fails.
> - Add nmi_cpu_busy so idle cpus don't mess up the test.
> - kmalloc prev_nmi_count to keep kernel stack usage bounded.
> - Improve the error message on failure so there is enough
> information to debug problems.
> ...
> static int __init check_nmi_watchdog(void)
> {
> - unsigned int prev_nmi_count[NR_CPUS];
> + volatile int endflag = 0;

I don't think this needs to be declared volatile?
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