Re: spitz (zaurus sl-c3000) support

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Oct 12 2005 - 18:40:10 EST


> > I got spitz machine today. I thought oz3.5.3 for spitz would be
> > 2.6-based, but found out that I'm not _that_ fortunate.
> oz 3.5.4 is due for release soon and will hopefully have a 2.6 option
> for spitz.

Is there chance to get preview version somewhere? 2.6-capable userland
would be very nice (and zImage would help, too, just for a demo :-).

> > Is there simple way to tell spitz and tosa apart (like without opening
> > the machine)?
> At what level? machine_is_spitz() and machine_is_tosa()? There are some
> checks in the sharpsl head file to auto detect all the Zaurus machines
> and set the machine numbers. For those two machines the difference is
> the presence of the tc6393 chip in tosa. See head-sharpsl.S

I was thinking about "huh, is this machine tosa or spitz", but it is
labeled SL-C3000, so it should be spitz.

> > Aha, I realized that spitz support came into 2.6.14-rc2, so something
> > definitely _is_ happening. Are there newer patches than
> > somewhere?
> I got a spitz recently which moved 2.6 for it forwards a lot. Have a
> look at:

Wildly offtopic... I got poweradapter with spitz (with funny design)
that says 100V (and lot of japanese letters).. I guess it would be
very bad idea to try it at 240V?

> This file should give you an idea of which patches to apply in what
> order:

Quite a long list; what is $RPSRC -- that is where are those patches
really placed? Is there some way I can help you (besides obviously

> With my patch series applied, we're missing usb client (usb host works)
> and sound support.
> Mainline is missing power management and currently fails to compile
> without my patch series but I'm working on that.

Yes, asm/arch/ohci.h seems to be missing... But I should probably do
update, I'm at rc2 with my zaurus hacks now.

Thanks, Sharp!
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