Re: [RFC PATCH] 1/2 EDAC (Core Code)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 16:21:32 EST


> This is a pair of patches that add the basic ECC and related chipset
> handling to the kernel. Various "interesting" patches have kicked around
> since Dan Hollis original work some years ago. Since then many people
> have picked up the code and improved on it.
> The current code ( has some very fancy NMI handling
> features and other complex open issues with NMI during a PCI transaction
> and the like.
> This code is a subset and the maintainer agrees this is the best
> approach to merging.
> >From the original repository
> - 2.4 and other compatibility code removed
> - Some commenting added
> - A couple of 32bit isms cleaned up
> - Move several drivers from pci_find to pci_get
> - Remove all the NMI layer handling so that the code requires no core
> changes
> - Rename from bluesmoke to EDAC (Correct name for the whole field of ECC
> and friends) to avoid confusion

I'd say thta bluesmoke is *way* better name than EDAC. We don't need
yet another ETLA.

Thanks, Sharp!
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