[RFC][PATCH 0/12] Generic Timeofday Subsystem (v B7)(cumulative-i386)

From: john stultz
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 21:10:58 EST

Attached is the cumulative patch (for i386 only it does not include
x86-64 support, which is available as a separate patch to follow) for my
generic timekeeping rework (v. B7). Individual broken out patches to
follow. This patch provides the NTP changes, the timesource abstraction,
the core timekeeping code as well as the code to convert the i386 arch
and the i386 clocksources.

The biggest change here is the name changing from using "timesource" to
"clocksource" for the hardware counter abstraction. This had been
reccomended before, but I finally had enough people mention it that I
figured I ought to just do it. Hopefully this will allow the terms to
better map to related technical documentation.

With the exception of a few issues on the TODO list below, I'm feeling
the core arch generic code is getting really solid, and I intend to
focus on the arch specific bits and getting it into -mm soon. So please
let me know if you have further concerns or issues especially with the
arch generic bits.

New in this release: (most from suggestions by tglx)
o Cleaned up the fixed interval math code.
o Added better remainder accounting in the fixed interval math
o Further fast-path optimizations in periodic_hook()
o priority -> rating name change
o C code convention fixups
o Moved from array based to list based timesource management (from tglx)
o sysfs \n cleanup (from tglx)

Still on the TODO list:
o Optimize out the timesource_read switch statement
o Cleanup i386 arch specific bits
o Re-organize the clocksource drivers directory

This patch should apply against Linus' git tree from today.

I'd like to thank the following people who have contributed ideas,
criticism, testing and code that has helped shape this work:

George Anzinger, Nish Aravamudan, Max Asbock, Dominik Brodowski, Thomas
Gleixner, Darren Hart, Christoph Lameter, Matt Mackal, Keith Mannthey,
Ingo Molnar, Martin Schwidefsky, Frank Sorenson, Ulrich Windl, Darrick
Wong, Roman Zippel and any others whom I've accidentally forgotten.

Please let me know if you have any comments or feedback.


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