Re: 2.6.14-rc4-rt1

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Thu Oct 13 2005 - 23:04:48 EST

* Fernando Lopez-Lezcano <nando@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Or maybe:
> > 'time sleep 10'
> >
> > Lets the machine time it.
> My first thought was "this can't work" as I imagined the same timing
> services would be used and you would get always 10 secs or so...

yeah, was my initial thought too. If you have an ssh login on any other
local box (and have ssh autologin enabled), then there's a good way to
script this:

time ssh otherbox "time ssh thisbox \"sleep 10\""

this way you'll get two time measurements of the same timeout, one on
the other box (which shouldnt be running the buggy kernel :-), one on
this box, while the timer runs on this box. Here it gives:

earth3:~> time ssh pluto "time ssh earth3 \"sleep 10\""

real 0m10.141s
user 0m0.012s
sys 0m0.008s

real 0m10.278s
user 0m0.024s
sys 0m0.004s

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