Re: [PATCH] Use of getblk differs between locations

From: Jamie Lokier
Date: Fri Oct 14 2005 - 12:02:29 EST

Pavel Machek wrote:
> *Good starting point*.
> Anyway, one solution would be to simply mlockall() on that replugitd

Unfortunately, mlockall() isn't effective for an X application (for
the dialog) because the X server needs resources too, and that's not
usually mlock'd because it's too big. (It would be nice to have a
general solution to allow mlock'd GUI applications).

> and/or make dirty data hdd based (not ram based)

Ooh, swappable dirty data... nice idea :)

> and/or restricting dirty buffers to 10MB for removable media.

That seems like the simplest effective solution.

-- Jamie
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