Process Table-Process Control Block

From: Karen Lenska
Date: Fri Jan 06 2006 - 19:50:23 EST


I wish to be personally CC'ed the answers/comments posted to the list
in response to this post

My questions are about Process ID, Process Control Block (PCB), and
Process Table (PT), and thread table

My old notes state that:

1- Each Process is allocated an identifier: Process ID (PID)

2- The PID indexes a process Table (PT)

3- Each process table entry contains a pointer to a relevant process ' PCB

However, this link

states instead that every process has an entry in the table. These
entries are known as process control blocks.

So I am just wondering, are the process table entries pointers to the
processes' PCB or rather the PCBs contents?

I think these entries include (among others) pointers to the PCBs
considering the latter expected size.

A second question do we use any hashing to index the process table
since the PIDs values seem not be allocated sequentially

Actually how PID values are allocated and how are they used to index
the process table (and afterwards the PCBs)

at the end, i presume that each process pcb contains a pointer to the
process thread table and that the thread table has more and less the
same structure than the process table, exempt that PCB contents is
different from Thread control block

Many thanks for your assistance
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