Re: [PATCH] kconfig: detect if -lintl is needed when linkingconf,mconf

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 00:56:08 EST

Kyle McMartin <kyle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 01:26:47PM -0500, Robb, Sam wrote:
> > This patch attempts to correct the problem by detecting whether or not
> > NLS support requires linking with libintl.
> >
> Sigh. Can everyone please stop assuming gcc can output to /dev/null? On
> several platforms, ld tries to lseek in the output file, and fails if it
> can't.


> Is there any reason this problem can't be solved the same way it is
> for libcurses in menuconfig, by using gcc -print-filename? Or perhaps
> using tempfile?

Sam has plans to address this problem I guess we should drop that patch.

Linus, please nuke 5e375bc7d586e0df971734a5a5f1f080ffd89b68
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