Re: [PATCH] mm: Implement Swap Prefetching v22

From: KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 19:49:13 EST

Con Kolivas wrote:
+void add_to_swapped_list(struct page *page)
+ struct swapped_entry *entry;
+ unsigned long index;
+ spin_lock(&swapped.lock);
+ if (swapped.count >= swapped.maxcount) {

Assume x86 system with 8G memory, swapped_maxcount is maybe 5G+ here.
Then, swapped_entry can consume 5G/PAGE_SIZE * 16bytes = 10 M byte more slabs from
ZONE_NORMAL. Could you add check like this?
void add_to_swapped_list(struct page *page)
if (!swap_prefetch)

-- Kame

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