Firmware Flashing (Was: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest))

From: Luke-Jr
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 02:59:24 EST

On Thursday 09 February 2006 17:38, Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
> For those who don't know, there even exists a firmware updater for Pioneer
> DVD+-RW drives that work on Linux with /dev entries, on a live system,
> without the need for a reboot...
> Look, Jörg, they don't need HOST/TARGET/LUN triplets for this task!

On the topic of firmware updating, I also have a project for a
firmware-flashing API that supports both BTC and BenQ DVD burners (in theory,
anyway-- it's 100% untested at this point). It uses libscg (indirectly,
though calls to fwscsi_*) to access the devices, but uses regular old /dev
device names (or the SCSI number things). If anyone wants a snapshot (or CVS
access, to contribute), let me know and I'll post it in my public_html...

Current plugins:
Image formats: CVT, Intel HEX, and BenQ EXE
User interfaces: 'fwflash' (commandline)
DVD+-RW: BTC and BenQ

Build output:

Current API (unstable):
--- core.h ---
extern const char * fwflash_get_error ();
extern void fwflash_error (const char *fmt, ...);
extern void fwflash_warn (const char *fmt, ...);
extern void fwflash_checksum (const unsigned char *data, size_t size, const
char **wanted, void *output);
extern void fwflash_checksum_one (const unsigned char *data, size_t size,
const char *wanted, void *output);
extern int fwflash_flash (hdevice, himage);
extern hdevice fwflash_device_open (const char *);
extern const char * fwflash_device_name (hdevice);
extern const char * fwflash_device_id (hdevice);
extern const char * fwflash_device_protocol_name (hdevice);
extern const char * fwflash_device_firmware_id (hdevice);
extern himage fwflash_image_open (const char *);
extern const char * fwflash_image_name (himage);
extern const char * fwflash_image_format_name (himage);
extern const char * fwflash_image_echksum (himage);
extern const char * fwflash_image_achksum (himage);
extern int fwflash_image_verify_chksum (himage);
extern const char * fwflash_image_firmware_id (himage);
extern const char * fwflash_image_device_id (himage);
extern size_t fwflash_image_data_size (himage);
extern const char * fwflash_image_data (himage);
--- device.h ---
extern const char * fwdevice_protocol_name ();
extern void * fwdevice_load_file (FILE *);
extern void * fwdevice_load_filename (const char *);
extern const char * fwdevice_name (void *);
extern const char * fwdevice_id (void *);
extern const char * fwdevice_firmware_id (void *);
extern int fwdevice_flash_image (void *h, himage img);
--- imgfmt.h ---
extern const char * fwimage_format_name ();
extern void * fwimage_load_file (FILE *);
extern void * fwimage_load_filename (const char *);
extern const char * fwimage_name (void *);
extern const char * fwimage_echksum (void *);
extern const char * fwimage_achksum (void *);
extern int fwimage_verify_chksum (void *);
extern const char * fwimage_firmware_id (void *);
extern const char * fwimage_device_id (void *);
extern size_t fwimage_data_size (void *);
extern const char * fwimage_data (void *);
--- scsi.h ---
extern void * fwscsi_open_filename (const char *fn);
extern void * fwscsi_open_scsidev (int bus, int target, int lun);
extern void fwscsi_cmd_setbyte (void *h, int i, char v);
extern void fwscsi_cmd_setcdb (void *h, char *data, size_t len);
extern int fwscsi_exec_command (void *h, const char *flags, char *buf, int
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