[RFC/PATCH: 000/010] Memory hotplug for new nodes with pgdat allocation.

From: Yasunori Goto
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 09:19:12 EST


I'll post newest patches for memory hotadd.
In this this patch, pgdat is allocated when new node is comming.
To initialize pgdat and zones, a set of patches are necessary.
- to allcate and initialize pgdat, zone, zonelist.
- to initialize node_data[] array (ia64)
- to register sysfs file for new node.
- to call memory_hotplug code from acpi container driver.

- kmalloc is used for pgdat allocation in this version.
So, even if pgdat is allocated, it will be allocated on the other node.
This is only to simplify patches a bit. :-P
- register sysfs file for new node is just for ia64.
I hacked quickly for x86_64, but x86_64 doesn't use sysfs file
for node. So, I gave up at least this week.....

This patches are for 2.6.16-rc2-mm1.

Please comment.

Yasunori Goto

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