Re: CD-blanking leads to machine freeze with current -git [was: Re:CD writing in future Linux try #2 [ was: Re: CD writing in future Linux (stirringup a hornets' nest) ]]

From: Phillip Susi
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 16:25:04 EST

Marc Koschewski wrote:
I've been waiting 30 minutes for the machine to come back but no chance. SSH
didn't work either. I thought I could login remote... but uh uh.

The problem is, it's a laptop. So there not much chance to move the cdrom device
over to another controller or whatever. ;)

But let's face it: is it really crappy to render a laptop unusable just because
blanking a CD-RW. The circumstances were: run xcdroast via gksu (thus running as
root), blank CD-RW. Due to cd-burning being totally unusable as a user (problems
here and there if it was just doing anything at all). So I've no other chance
than to run this as root. Couldn't cdrecord 'watch' ide load or - even better -
forcecast it? It knows blanking leads to inresponsiveness sometimes (even more due
to the fact that both devices share the same bus). Why not kind of 'renice'
the process that blanks?


If that is what is going on, there is nothing linux can do about it; it's a limitation of the hardware. The IDE controller can only accept one command at a time, so if that command takes a while to complete, the other drive on the same channel can not be accessed until the first command completes.

If the system doesn't come back though after sufficient time has gone by for the burn to complete, then this is probably not what is happening. I'd suggest using magic-sysreq to force an unmount and reboot, then see if there's anything in the logs.

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