Re: OCFS2 Filesystem inconsistency across nodes

From: Claudio Martins
Date: Sat Feb 11 2006 - 00:39:51 EST

On Friday 10 February 2006 06:46, Mark Fasheh wrote:
> Great. We'll keep things simple at first. If I could get a copy of the
> /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf files from each node that'd be great. A full log of
> the OCFS2 messages you see on each node, starting from mount to unmount
> would also help. That includes any dlm_* messages - in particular the ones
> printed when a node mounts and unmounts. If you're using any mount options
> it'd be helpful to know those too.

Hi again,

This is my /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf on every node:

node_count = 3
name = oratest

ip_port = 7777
ip_address =
number = 0
name = iscsi-teste
cluster = oratest

ip_port = 7777
ip_address =
number = 1
name = orateste1
cluster = oratest

ip_port = 7777
ip_address =
number = 2
name = orateste2
cluster = oratest


So today I rebooted the machines and started over and formatted the volume
again from node 0 with

iscsi-teste:~# mkfs.ocfs2 -b 4K -C 64K -N 4 -L OCFSTest1 /dev/sda
mkfs.ocfs2 1.1.5
Filesystem label=OCFSTest1
Block size=4096 (bits=12)
Cluster size=65536 (bits=16)
Volume size=2489995755520 (37994320 clusters) (607909120 blocks)
1178 cluster groups (tail covers 29008 clusters, rest cover 32256 clusters)
Journal size=33554432
Initial number of node slots: 4
WARNING: bitmap is very large, consider using a larger cluster size and/or
a smaller volume
Creating bitmaps: done
Initializing superblock: done
Writing system files: done
Writing superblock: done
Writing lost+found: done
mkfs.ocfs2 successful

(By the way, I didn't use a bigger cluster size because we plan to use this
fs to store mainly lots of small files)

I then mounted the fs (with default options:rw,_netdev,heartbeat=local) on
node 0 and node 2 and started the usual tests by creating, writing and
copying files.
Later I also mounted the volume on node 1. By this time, node 0 and node 2
showed completely different files on the same directory. After mounting, I
could see on node 1 the files I had created from node 0 but not the ones
created from node 2. After some more file tests I unmounted on all nodes and
then remounted on all of them.

I can get an interesting result by creating several large files from *node 0*
and md5sum them; I list the same directory on node 2, the files are not
visible there; so I also create several large files from *node 2*; then I
md5sum the files I created from node 1 again and the md5sums are changed.
So I think that node 2 was allocating and writing to space that was already
allocated by node 0, overwriting files that were already there.
I can reproduce this easily with any pair of nodes. Kernel messages follow
for each node, though for most of the time there are no special error
messages. In the end there are some on node 0, when I was copying files and
extracting tarballs on all three nodes concurrently. I put the logs online to
avoid upsetting lkml.

dmesg from iscsi-teste (node 0):

dmesg from orateste1 (node 1):

dmesg from orateste2 (node 2):

These are the logs from yesterday's tests, also with some interesting error
messages on node 2 (the only difference yesterday was that I had the SCTP
module loaded, but that doesn't seem to change the results):

And the kernel config files:

If you need the files emailed to you just tell me.
Let me know if you need more tests/info.

Thanks for the help.

Best regards


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