Re: [git patch review 1/4] IPoIB: Don't start send-only joins whilemulticast thread is stopped

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Sat Feb 11 2006 - 17:00:47 EST

Roland Dreier <rolandd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> + spin_lock_irq(&priv->lock);
> + set_bit(IPOIB_MCAST_STARTED, &priv->flags);
> + spin_unlock_irq(&priv->lock);

Strange to put a lock around an atomic op like that.

Sometimes it's valid. If another cpu was doing:


if (test_bit(IPOIB_MCAST_STARTED))
if (test_bit(IPOIB_MCAST_STARTED))


then the locked set_bit() makes sense.

But often it doesn't ;)
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