Re: Packet writing issue on

From: Phillip Susi
Date: Sat Feb 11 2006 - 20:10:31 EST

iSteve wrote:
I used cdrecord (via xcdroast) to blank the CDRW and then burn UDF image created
by mkudffs.

Can I get this mount rainer udf extension work using just this method, and then
mount it?

Are there any specific mkudffs option that can help me? Or am I absolutely
obliged to use cdrwtool if I want to even think about using packet writing or
any other method to mount a CDRW?

cdrecord is just burning the image in dao/tao/sao mode. To use pktcdvd to read/write the disc on the fly it must be formatted for packet mode using cdrwtool. If the disc is formatted in MRW mode, then you don't even need pktcdvd to read/write it, that is supported by the firmware in the drive. Right now I believe you can use the dvd-rwtools package to format media in MRW mode, and I plan on adding it as an option to cdrwtool at some point. See for more info.

The difference between packet mode and MRW mode is that MRW reserves some of the disc for bad sector sparing, and the drive firmware handles the reblocking rather than pktcdvd ( it also handles the sector remapping ). Packet mode was around first and has wider support and requires less from the drive's firmware, but these days, it seems that the vast majority of drives support MRW.

I still have not figured out if MRW uses zero loss linking. If it does, then that would probably make up for the space it reserves for sector sparing. If it does not, then packet mode with > 32 sector packets will be more space efficient. I have been planning on experimenting to see if it is possible to format the disc in packet mode with zero loss linking on some newer drives. I believe that may be possible in which case, that will eliminate the space overhead associated with packet mode entirely.

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