Re: max symlink = 5? ?bug? ?feature deficit?

From: Linda Walsh
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 17:52:37 EST

Al Viro wrote:
Care to RTFS? I mean, really - at least to the point of seeing what's
involved in that recursion.
Hmmm...that's where I got the original parameter numbers, but
I see it's not so straightforward. I tried a limit of
40, but I quickly get an OS hang when trying to reference a
13th link. Twelve works at the limit, but would take more testing
to find out the bottleneck.

As an algorithmic detail, I can see how
file a->b->c->d... etc can easily use tail-recursion, but I'm not
quite as clear why "prefix-recursion" couldn't be used to reduce
the recursion complexity as in the case:
dir0/, link0->dir0, link1->link2 ... It seems it would be the
left hand compliment of tail recursion. Not sure what would be
involved, but would eliminate some stack considerations if it was

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