Re: RFC: disk geometry via sysfs

From: Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
Date: Mon Feb 13 2006 - 04:54:25 EST

On 2/10/06, Seewer Philippe <philippe.seewer@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello all!


> I don't want to start another geometry war, but with the introduction of
> the general getgeo function by Christoph Hellwig for all disks this
> simply would become a matter of extending the basic gendisk block driver.
> There are people out there (like me) who need to know about disk
> geometry. But since this is clearly post 2.6.16 I prefer to ask here
> before writing a patch...
> Q1: Yes or No?
> If no, the other questions do not apply


> Q2: Where under sysfs?
> Either do /sys/block/hdx/heads, /sys/block/hdx/sectors, etc. or should
> there be a new sub-object like /sys/block/hdx/geometry/heads?

IMO /sys/block/hdx/sectors could be misleading
therefore /sys/block/hdx/geometry/ would be better

> Q3: Writable?
> Under some (weird) circumstances it would actually be quite nice to
> overwrite the kernels idea of a disks geometry. This would require a
> general function like setgeo. Acceptable?

Don't know. Maybe you should make it into separate patch
(incremental to basic functionality) so it can be decided later.

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