Re: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)

From: Matthias Andree
Date: Mon Feb 13 2006 - 10:01:39 EST

Joerg Schilling schrieb am 2006-02-13:

> And BTW: if a sysadmin does not know how things work on Linux and thus
> causes a remapping, all /etc/vfstab entries would be void. So you are talking
> about a major fault that should be avoided under all circumstances.

Talk about people who "do[...] not know how things work on Linux" and
name /etc/vfstab in the same breath.


Oh, and in case you didn't know, Linux isn't using b,t,l in its mount
table. No, I'm not naming the file, find out for yourself, you need it.

Matthias Andree
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