Re: Linux 2.6.16-rc3

From: Greg KH
Date: Mon Feb 13 2006 - 15:36:24 EST

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 07:05:20PM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> We still have some serious bugs, several of which are in 2.6.15 as well:
> - Nathan's "sysfs-related oops during module unload", which Greg seems to
> have under control.

Yes, this isn't a "regression" but has been there for a while. It can
also only be triggered by a root user, so it's severity is much lower.

> - Various reports similar to
>, seemingly related to USB
> PCI quirk handling.

I have a patch for this, which will be going to Linus later tonight.

> - Nasty warnings from scsi about kobject-layer things being called from
> irq context. James has a push-it-to-process-context patch which sadly
> assumes kmalloc() is immortal, but no other fix seems to have offered
> itself.

This has been the case for a long time. I don't really think there is a
rush to get this fixed, but I really like James's proposed patch. It's
up to him if he feels it is ready for 2.6.16 or not.

> - Helge Hafting reports a usb printer regression - I don't know if that's
> still live?

He never reported back, and one other person who reported this, figured
out that it was bad ram in the system. Replacing that fixed the issue.
I've also printed a lot of stuff here (tax time...) and had no problems.

> - "Carlo E. Prelz" <fluido@xxxxxxxxx> has another USB/ehci regression
> ("ATI RS480-based motherboard: stuck while booting with kernel >= 2.6.15
> rc1").

Fixed by the previously mentioned EHCI quirk/handoff patch that will be
going to Linus.

So, that's it for the USB stuff, thankfully.


greg k-h
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