Re: [Quilt-dev] Quilt 0.43 has been released! [SERIOUS BUG]

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 03:22:41 EST

Hi all,

On 2006-02-14, Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:
> On Tuesday 14 February 2006 04:25, Peter Williams wrote:
> > The problem arises when pushing a patch that has errors in it (due to
> > changes in the previous patches in the series) and needs the -f flag to
> > force the push. What's happening is that the reverse of the errors is
> > being applied to the "pre patch" file in the .pc directory. Then when
> > you pop this patch it returns the file to a state with the reverse of
> > the errors applied to it.
> Found and fixed. It's a missed rollback_patch on one of the two branches of
> the code that checks if a patch can be reverse applied. This case
> apparently doesn't trigger as easily as it seems, or else we would have
> found it sooner. Still quite bad.

I probably encountered it the other day, but as I couldn't explain what
was happening, I mistakenly concluded to a user error and started again
from a fresh tree. Or maybe it was really a user error after all.

I was about to suggest that we add a test in the quilt test suite, but I
see you did already - good!

> Shall we wait until the translations are up-to-date again, or release
> 0.44 immediately?

I'd say:
* Fix the temporary file leak in the mail command I have been reporting a
few days ago - unless it's there on purpose.
* Update the translations. I'll take care of French this evening
* Let people (including me) do a little testing. If nothing else, running
the test suite on a few different systems can't hurt.
* Release.

We can be done by tomorrow if Yashi can handle the Japanese translation
fast. If Yashi is too busy I guess we'll have to release anyway...

Jean Delvare
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