Re: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)

From: D. Hazelton
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 16:59:32 EST

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 10:04, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > >> - SCSI commands are bastardized on ATAPI
> > >
> > >identify the problem - provide a test case or two and I'll get off my
> > > lazy ass and see if I can't figure out what's causing the problem.
> >
> > Maybe we can put a testsuite together that sends all sorts of commands to
> > a cd drive and then see with 1. which Linuxes 2. which models it happens.
> You need to ask around for people with problems....
> Debian had some relevent data but removed it the day I was referring to it
> :-(

As the maintainer of the cdrtools package and the author of both libscg and
cdrecord I find it hard to believe that you do not have a log of these
somewhere. If Debian had relevant data and removed it, then it is quite
probable that they fixed the problem already. If that is the case, then all
it should take to find out is making an enquiry or searching among their
distribution specific kernel patches.

However, in the spirit of making this discussion bear useful fruit, I will
take it upon myself to search the Debian archived bugs and see if I can find
out the relevant data myself.

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