Re: Compaq X1050 multiple suspend problems (ACPI, PS2)

From: Robert Hancock
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 18:11:38 EST

No difference there either.. The contents of /proc/acpi/embedded_controller/C0EA/info both before and after suspend are:

gpe bit: 0x1c
ports: 0x66, 0x62
use global lock: no

I'll open a Bugzilla report.

Yu, Luming wrote:
I have not seen any ACPI errors other than during suspend/resume.

Tried ec_intr=0 option on the command line, same problem.

ACPI_EC_DELAY=100 patch did not help either, same or at least similar problem. Output attached.

Please try boot with lapic. I'm NOT sure if it is irq related resume
After resume, please try cat /proc/acpi/embedded_controller/*/info.
Please test if it do the trick.

If still not, please file a bug in ACPI category on


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