Re: [RFC][PATCH 1/4] PCI legacy I/O port free driver - Introducepci_set_bar_mask*()

From: Kenji Kaneshige
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 01:03:47 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:
Kenji Kaneshige <kaneshige.kenji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

This patch introduces a new interface pci_select_resource() for PCI
device drivers to tell kernel what resources they want to use.

It'd be nice if we didn't need to introduce any new API functions for this.
If we could just do:

struct pci_something pci_something_table[] = {
.dont_allocate_io_space = 1,

within each driver which wants it.

But I can't think of a suitable per-device-id structure with which we can
do that :(

My another idea was to use pci quirks. In this approach, we don't
need to introduce any new API. But I gave up this idea because it
looked abuse of pci quirks.

Anyway, I try to think about new ideas we don't need to introduce
any new API.

Kenji Kaneshige
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