Re: Linux 2.6.16-rc3

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Feb 15 2006 - 14:59:26 EST

Thierry Vignaud <tvignaud@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > > > It's not a "regression". PM didn't work with ens1370 at all in
> > > > the eralier version.
> > >
> > > btw, PM support in snd-intel8x0 is broken (at least regarding
> > > suspending) in 2.6.16-rc2-mm1 on a nforce2 chipset
> >
> > Can you identify when this breakage occurred?
> i'll try to compile a few older kernels (and/or just older
> alsa-kernel) if you want but i'm not sure it's a regression (i'll
> check if it has ever worked before).

OK, thanks.

> i've tried unloading/reloading sound modules after resuming (maybe
> would it work if unloaded before suspending but of course full PM
> support would be nicer).
> not sure if it can help but while resuming, the snd-intel8x0 printed
> quite a lot of warnings (due to preempting[1] i guess?) such as:
> BUG: scheduling while atomic: zsh/0x00000001/2196
> <c028b93f> schedule+0x43/0x54e <c028c6bf> schedule_timeout+0x7a/0x95
> <c011c755> process_timeout+0x0/0x5 <d4938e56> snd_intel8x0_chip_init+0x110/0x39e [snd_intel8x0]
> <d4939142> intel8x0_resume+0x5e/0x1ba [snd_intel8x0] <c01b6dee> pci_device_resume+0x16/0x43
> <c02025d9> resume_device+0x7d/0x96 <c02026a7> dpm_resume+0x58/0x80
> <c02026dc> device_resume+0xd/0x16 <c012db1f> pm_suspend_disk+0xbf/0xc8
> <c012cb95> enter_state+0x50/0x16f <c012cd37> state_store+0x83/0x8f
> <c012ccb4> state_store+0x0/0x8f <c0173492> subsys_attr_store+0x1e/0x22
> <c0173a1b> sysfs_write_file+0x92/0xb9 <c0173989> sysfs_write_file+0x0/0xb9
> <c01491ca> vfs_write+0x83/0x122 <c01499df> sys_write+0x3c/0x63
> <c0102973> sysenter_past_esp+0x54/0x75
> dmesg after resuming (only look at the beginning, the end is only ehci
> garbage b/c ehci is bugging for monthes (rejecting mass media after
> writing a few Mo)):

That's odd. I don't see what could have elevated preempt_count() on that
path. What does `grep PREEMPT .config' say?
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