Re: [Ext2-devel] [PATCH 1/2] ext2/3: Support 2^32-1 blocks(Kernel)

From: Andreas Dilger
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 13:33:20 EST

On Mar 16, 2006 21:11 +0900, Takashi Sato wrote:
> >Also, I noticed that in your first patch, you changed a few variables
> >for logical block number from "long" to "unsigned int". Just want to
> >point out that's a seperate issue- that's for enlarge the file size, not
> >for expand the max filesystem size.
> Ok, I'll remove them when I update the patch next time.
> They are left because I'm considering enlarging the file size max too...

There was previously a patch by Goldwyn Rodrigues in linux-kernel:
"[PATCH] Pushing ext3 file size limits beyond 2TB", which at least
got as far as 4TB for the file size (for 4kB blocks).

Beyond that, we need a format change and may as well have something
like extents, but even extents still need to allow a larger i_blocks,
so that patch would be useful in any case... though it needs some
cleanup to remove all users of i_frag and i_faddr (which have never
ever been used).

Laurent, do your 64-bit patches include support for larger i_blocks?

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Principal Software Engineer
Cluster File Systems, Inc.

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