Re: [PATCH] unshare: Cleanup up the sys_unshare interface before we are committed.

From: Michael Kerrisk
Date: Thu Mar 16 2006 - 14:39:15 EST


> Since we have not crossed the magic 2.6.16 line can we please
> include this patch. My apologies for catching this so late in the
> cycle.
> - Error if we are passed any flags we don't expect.
> This preserves forward compatibility so programs that use new flags
> that
> run on old kernels will fail instead of silently doing the wrong thing.
> - Use separate defines from sys_clone.
> sys_unshare can't implement half of the clone flags under any
> circumstances
> and those that it does implement have subtlely different semantics than
> the clone flags. Using a different set of flags sets the
> expectation that things will be different.
> Binary compatibility with current users of the is still maintained
> as the unshare flags and the clone flags have the same values.

Thanks for this. I had begun to think I must simply be dense
for thinking there was a problem here...

I will update my draft manual page accordingly.



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