Re: [PATCH 001/001] PCI: PCI quirk for Asus A8V and A8V Deluxe motherboards

From: Andras Mantia
Date: Sat Mar 18 2006 - 09:58:26 EST

MÃns RullgÃrd wrote:
> With the card in the bad slot I only got a few seconds of sound before
> the machine locked up. Since you have a different board, it could of
> course still be a similar problem, just less likely to happen.
> Which sound card were you using when your machine hung?

I tried to use the onboard sound card at that time.

>> Can you tell me how can I find the real device ID for my chipset? It
>> *should* be the same one as the original writer of the patch wrote (he
>> also had an ASUS A8V Deluxe as I understood), but the experience tells it
>> is not.
> lspci -n will list the PCI IDs in hex.



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