Re: [patch 1/2] Validate itimer timeval from userspace

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Sat Mar 18 2006 - 15:13:34 EST

On Sat, 2006-03-18 at 12:07 -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:

> From my reading, 2.4's sys_setitimer() will normalise the incoming timeval
> rather than rejecting it. And I think 2.6.13 did that too.
> It would be bad of us to change this behaviour, even if that's what the
> spec says we should do - because we can break existing applications.
> So I think we're stuck with it - we should normalise and then accept such
> timevals. And we should have a big comment explaining how we differ from
> the spec, and why.

Hmm. How do you treat a negative value ?


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