Re: Idea: Automatic binary driver compiling system

From: Benjamin Bach
Date: Sun Mar 19 2006 - 11:09:35 EST

Bob Copeland wrote:
Anyways, I'm very happy with the combination of intelligence and
idealism on this list, and suddenly I feel more attracted to writing a
driver instead. For my Rio Karma mp3 player. It's a USB thing.. should
be do-able in 3 months even though I've never written a driver.

I've already done this and it is in 2.6.16. There's still some work
to be done on the filesystem; check out to help out.

Yeah, I immediately found out =) Some very good explanation on your site ( I see that you've implemented most of the work, and I can't really figure out any isolated development suitable for a school project. But please, if you have an idea, say so.

Otherwise I'll probably dig up something. Just needs to be a small kernel-whatever project.

Is there someone maintaining a list of non-implemented ideas for kernel features/drivers?

/ Benjamin

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