Bring mainline in sync with the linux-mips tree

From: Martin Michlmayr
Date: Sun Mar 19 2006 - 23:37:24 EST

The following is a series of twelve patches to bring mainline in
sync with the linux-mips tree. These are changes that have to be
made in mainline. Another series has already been posted to
the linux-mips list to bring linux-mips in sync with Linus' tree
where necessary.

[PATCH 1/12] [MIPS] Improve description of VR41xx based machines
[PATCH 2/12] [MIPS] Cosmetic updates to sync with linux-mips
[PATCH 3/12] [MIPS] Remove tb0287_defconfig
[PATCH 4/12] [NET] Improve description of MV643XX_ETH
[PATCH 5/12] [NET] Bring declance.c in sync with linux-mips tree
[PATCH 6/12] [NET] Support the BCM1x55 and BCM1x80 chips
[PATCH 7/12] [IDE] Set CFLAGS only for au1xxx-ide
[PATCH 8/12] [MTD] Re-add module description for ms02-nv to Kconfig
[PATCH 9/12] [MTD] Fix #else directive in the docprobe driver
[PATCH 10/12] [MTD] LASAT depends on MTD_CFI
[PATCH 11/12] [USB] Cosmetic changes to bring ohci-au1xxx.c in sync with linux-mips
[PATCH 12/12] [SCSI] mem_start is a physical address already

Martin Michlmayr
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