Re: Question regarding to store file system metadata in database

From: Erez Zadok
Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 17:26:38 EST

You may be interested in a project we have which ported a subset of the
Berkeley Database (BDB) to the Linux kernel. BDB is much smaller than other
SQL-based DBMSs, and is thus a lot more suitable for embedding into kernels.

We called our port KBDB. We built a simple transactional f/s on top of it,
called kbdbfs. We also had a short project called EAFS, which is a
stackable f/s that adds EA/ACL support to any f/s it's layered on top of.

Recently we also implemented a full-blown transactional f/s using ptrace
methods. You can find links to these projects, and in some cases papers and

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