Re: [GIT PATCH] Remove devfs from 2.6.16

From: Dave Jones
Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 19:02:49 EST

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 12:58:46AM +0100, Olivier Galibert wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 01:23:38PM -0800, Greg KH wrote:
> > They are the same "delete devfs" patches that I submitted for 2.6.12 and
> > 2.6.13 and 2.6.14 and 2.6.15. It rips out all of devfs from the kernel
> > and ends up saving a lot of space. Since 2.6.13 came out, I have seen
> > no complaints about the fact that devfs was not able to be enabled
> > anymore, and in fact, a lot of different subsystems have already been
> > deleting devfs support for a while now, with apparently no complaints
> > (due to the lack of users.)
> Devfs for block devices is required for the fedora core 3 install
> kernel. I haven't checked whether fc4 needs it too (DaveJ?)

Hell no. It's never been included in any Fedora release.
Make it dead already.


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