Re: VFAT: Can't create file named 'aux.h'?

From: Phillip Susi
Date: Mon Mar 20 2006 - 23:26:01 EST

Why on earth does linux enforce this restriction? I'm not sure about dos ( it has been 10+ years since I used it ), but NT will happily create files with those names on either fat or ntfs, provided that you refer to them with an absolute path name. Seeing as how it wasn't really a restriction on the filesystem itself, but rather the fact that those names were predefined by io.sys, I see no reason why linux should prevent you from using them.

Randy.Dunlap wrote:
"AUX" is (was) a reserved "filename" in DOS. The Linux MS-DOS
filesystem preserves (protects) that. The extension part does not
matter; it only checks the first 8 characters of the filename.
You'll need to use a different filesystem or filename...


for (reserved = reserved_names; *reserved; reserved++)
if (!strncmp(res, *reserved, 8))
return -EINVAL;

/* MS-DOS "device special files" */
static const unsigned char *reserved_names[] = {
"CON ", "PRN ", "NUL ", "AUX ",
"LPT1 ", "LPT2 ", "LPT3 ", "LPT4 ",
"COM1 ", "COM2 ", "COM3 ", "COM4 ",

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