Re: [PATCH 04/23] driver core: platform_get_irq*(): return -ENXIOon error

From: David Vrabel
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 04:33:27 EST

Olivier Galibert wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 02:00:38PM -0800, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
>>platform_get_irq*() cannot return 0 on error as 0 is a valid IRQ on some
>>platforms, return -ENXIO instead.
> 0 is NO_IRQ, and can not be a valid IRQ number, ever. A
> platform_get_irq*() returning 0 as a valid irq is buggy.
> Check

Regardless, it does make sense to make these functions to return a -ve
error code as is standard.

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