[git patches] net driver updates

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 16:53:29 EST

[just pushed upstream; patch too big to inline]

Please pull from 'upstream-linus' branch of

to receive the following updates:

Documentation/networking/e100.txt | 158 -
Documentation/networking/e1000.txt | 634 +++--
drivers/net/mv643xx_eth.h | 18
drivers/net/pcnet32.c | 4161 +++++++++++++++++++------------------
drivers/net/skfp/fplustm.c | 12
drivers/net/skge.c | 275 +-
drivers/net/skge.h | 1
drivers/net/sky2.c | 583 ++---
drivers/net/sky2.h | 22
drivers/net/smc91x.c | 53
drivers/net/smc91x.h | 478 ++--
12 files changed, 3467 insertions(+), 2944 deletions(-)

Andrew Morton:
skfp warning fixes

Dale Farnsworth:
mv643xx_eth: Cache align skb->data if CONFIG_NOT_COHERENT_CACHE

Don Fry:
pcnet32: support boards with multiple phys

Jeff Garzik:
[netdrvr] pcnet32: Lindent
[netdrvr] pcnet32: other source formatting cleanups

Jesse Brandeburg:
e100/e1000/ixgb: update MAINTAINERS to current developers
e100: update e100.txt
e1000: update the readme with the latest text

Nicolas Pitre:
smc91x: allow for dynamic bus access configs

Stephen Hemminger:
skge: use NAPI for tx cleanup.
skge: use auto masking of irqs
skge: check the allocation of ring buffer
skge: dma configuration cleanup
skge: use kcalloc
skge: use mmiowb
skge: formmating and whitespace cleanup
skge: handle pci errors better
skge: version 1.4
sky2: remove support for untested Yukon EC/rev 0
sky2: drop broken wake on lan support
sky2: rework of NAPI and IRQ management
sky2: coalescing parameters
sky2: add MSI support
sky2: whitespace fixes
sky2: transmit recovery
sky2: handle all error irqs
sky2 version 1.1

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