Re: [PATCH 6/6 v2] IB: userspace support for RDMA connection manager

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Tue Mar 21 2006 - 20:38:15 EST

I added this patch to the rdma_cm branch in my git tree. When I was
doing that, I noticed that it builds rdma_ucm.ko unconditionally. It
seems that we want this to depend on CONFIG_INFINIBAND_USER_ACCESS,
since that controls ib_uverbs.ko and ib_ucm.ko.

To do this I rejiggered the Kconfig and Makefile changes I made
before. I made CONFIG_INFINIBAND_ADDR_TRANS into a bool (instead of a
tristate), so that it's 'y' if INFINIBAND and INET are on, and made
the top of the Makefile look like:

infiniband-$(CONFIG_INFINIBAND_ADDR_TRANS) := ib_addr.o rdma_cm.o
user_access-$(CONFIG_INFINIBAND_ADDR_TRANS) := rdma_ucm.o

obj-$(CONFIG_INFINIBAND) += ib_core.o ib_mad.o ib_sa.o \
ib_cm.o $(infiniband-y)
obj-$(CONFIG_INFINIBAND_USER_MAD) += ib_umad.o
obj-$(CONFIG_INFINIBAND_USER_ACCESS) += ib_uverbs.o ib_ucm.o $(user_access-y)

I'm pretty sure this does exactly what we want.

- R.
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