Re: [Ext2-devel] Re: [RFC] [PATCH] Reducing average ext2 fsck timethrough fs-wide dirty bit]

From: Mingming Cao
Date: Wed Mar 22 2006 - 13:15:56 EST

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 13:08 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Maw, 2006-03-21 at 17:10 -0800, Valerie Henson wrote:
> > The combination of the orphan inode and preallocation blocks problem
> > led me to another idea: create in-memory-only allocation bitmaps for
> > both inodes and blocks.
> This was actually done by Interactive Unix long ago to get sane
> performance of System 5 file systems which didnt directly use bitmaps.
> I suspect you don't need a complete in memory bitmap list however, you
> just need an exceptions table of extents that are preallocated.
> Furthermore you can bound this by either releasing oldest preallocations
> or refusing new ones when you hit some kind of resource bound.

This is pretty much what ext3 block reservation does, every inode has a
range of disk blocks(or call it extent) that are reserved (or call it

> Similarly for inodes, except that you actually have the in memory
> exception list in the ext2 inodes in memory already (no inode is orphan
> unless open) so you may only need another list pointer to walk the
> orphans
> Alan
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