RE: 2.6.16-rc5: known regressions [TP 600X S3, vanilla DSDT]

From: Yu, Luming
Date: Thu Mar 23 2006 - 20:30:03 EST

es it mean we need to slow down acpi_ec_intr_read/write ?
>> Could you try to insert acpi_os_stall (100) after ACPI_DEBUG_PRINT
>> statement both in acpi_ec_intr_read/write.
>I added that line in those two places. The result refused to hang with
>acpi_debug_layer=0x00100010, but it did hang (on the usual
>second sleep)
>with it set to 0x10.

Really strange, how several printks could change the results.
Could you try to repalce acpi_os_stall with acpi_os_sleep(1)
in acpi_ec_intr_read/write?

>> Hmmm, then I cannot get the ec access log for hang case?!
>It seems difficult, but let's keep trying if you have other ideas for
>how to get it.

Also, please change I2RB copy to:

Method (I2RBcopy, 3, NotSerialized)
Store (Arg0, HCSL)
Store (ShiftLeft (Arg1, 0x01), HMAD)
Store (Arg2, HMCM)
Store (0x0B, HMPR)

Store(CHKS(), local0)
Store(local0, Debug)

Return (local0)
And boot with acpi_dbg_layer=0x10 acpi_dbg_level=0x10,
Post full log (Don't edit) for both not hang case, and hang case on
There should have some clues.

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