[RFC] Virtualization patches for IPC/UTS. 2nd step

From: Kirill Korotaev
Date: Fri Mar 24 2006 - 12:20:57 EST

I propose to consider these patches for utsname and sysv IPC virtualization once more.

The main change from the previous version is an introduction of separate namespaces for each subsytem as suggested by Eric Biederman. People who work on containers don't care actually, so I splitted a container into namespaces.

The naming conventions used in these patches are (as example for IPC):

CONFIG_IPC_NS - per namespace config option
struct ipc_namespace - structure describing namepsace
ipc_ns - names of var pointers, in task_struct etc.
init_ipc_ns - default host namespace

get_ipc_ns - refcountig interface
put_ipc_ns - refcountig interface
create_ipc_ns - create _empty_ namespace
clone_ipc_ns - clone current namespace, if applicable
free_ipc_ns - destroy namespace when refs are 0

Please, note, these patches do not introduce CONFIG_XXX_NS option in any of Kconfigs, as it is questionable whether to have them scattered all around or place in some menu "Virtual namespaces". But patches compile and work fine both w/o and with it.

Also, please, note, that these patches do not virtualize corresponding sysctls or proc parts of uts/ipc. I suppose this must be postponed as we have no any consensus on /proc.

Some other minor differences from Eric/Dave patches:
- these patches heavily use current namespace context instead of
bypassing additional argument to all functions where required.
- these patches compile to the old good kernel when namespaces are off.

Both patches are also available in GIT repo at:


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