From: Junio C Hamano
Date: Tue May 16 2006 - 00:49:19 EST

The latest maintenance release GIT 1.3.3 is available at the
usual places:


git-1.3.3.tar.{gz,bz2} (tarball)
RPMS/$arch/git-*-1.3.3-1.$arch.rpm (RPM)

This contains two notable non-fixes:

(1) Future-proofing configuration file syntax by Linus.
Nothing in 1.3.X series takes advantage of it, but it is
there so 1.3.3 would not barf in a repository that you
previously used later versions of git to manipulate its
configuration file.

(2) core.prefersymlinkrefs configuration can be set in the
configuration file while bisecting a project that wants to
use .git/HEAD symbolic link in its historical version
(notably Linux kernel around January this year).


Changes since v1.3.2 are as follows:

Ben Clifford:
include header to define uint32_t, necessary on Mac OS X

Dennis Stosberg:
Fix git-pack-objects for 64-bit platforms
Fix compilation on newer NetBSD systems

Dmitry V. Levin:
Separate object name errors from usage errors

Eric Wong:
apply: fix infinite loop with multiple patches with --index
Install git-send-email by default

Johannes Schindelin:
repo-config: trim white-space before comment

Junio C Hamano:
core.prefersymlinkrefs: use symlinks for .git/HEAD
repo-config: document what value_regexp does a bit more clearly.
Fix repo-config set-multivar error return path.
Documentation: {caret} fixes (git-rev-list.txt)
checkout: use --aggressive when running a 3-way merge (-m).
Fix pack-index issue on 64-bit platforms a bit more portably.

Linus Torvalds:
Fix "git diff --stat" with long filenames
revert/cherry-pick: use aggressive merge.
git config syntax updates

Martin Waitz:
clone: keep --reference even with -l -s
repack: honor -d even when no new pack was created

Matthias Lederhofer:
core-tutorial.txt: escape asterisk

Pavel Roskin:
Release config lock if the regex is invalid

Sean Estabrooks:
Fix for config file section parsing.
Another config file parsing fix.
Ensure author & committer before asking for commit message.

Yakov Lerner:
read-cache.c: use xcalloc() not calloc()

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